Using Men’s Vintage Clothing to Create a New Style

vintage mens clothing onlineIf you are interested in building a new look for yourself, an easy way to do this is to start purchasing a few essential pieces of vintage shirts, pants, jackets, ties and hats.  Shopping for vintage clothing online is the easiest and fastest way to find those great pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Unless you have won the lottery, you probably won't be replacing your wardrobe all at once. The best way to start creating your new look with vintage threads is to start by picking up a few of the classics.

Vintage shirts - Go Hawaiian or work shirt for casual. A fitted long sleeve vintage shirt for work or evenings out makes a great all-around piece.

Vintage Jackets - You can't go wrong with Denim, Leather or Gabardine. A slick 50's or 60's jacket will immediately give you a new look.

Vintage Ties - Just like vintage jackets, a 50's or 60's tie will change your style in a heartbeat. Just add a vintage tie to your favorite suit to get a modern yet retro look.

When thrifting or shopping at used clothing stores, be sure to examine your finds carefully for stains, holes and rips. You don't want to end up donating that great jacket or shirt before you've had a chance to wear it!